People-to-People Exchange JingShi Project
--Our Cooperation Project with Government
China Center for International People-to-People Exchange, Ministry of Education launched “People-to-people Exchange JingShi project” jointly with Beijing Huatec Information Technology Co., Ltd.
The First Batch of 72 Chinese Colleges and Universities Selected for “People-to-People JingShi Project”
The project aims to establish JingShi Institutes in cooperation with willing and qualified university and college partners along the “Belt and Road” and relevant countries. Relying on China’s advanced technologies to develop internationally standardized teaching programs of majors (major clusters) in the field of engineering, build applicable standard curriculum and teaching resources, enhance discipline construction, curriculum construction, and talent cultivation.
Main Major Clusters
Telecommunication, Information Technology, New Energy Intelligent Connected Vehicle,Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Manufacturing.

Establishing “JingShi Institute” in Chinese and overseas colleges & universities:
The Inauguration of the First Overseas JingShi Institute in Thailand
Major Cooperation
Huatec will invest and establish practical training bases in overseas colleges and universities to build a platform for carrying out major co-construction cooperation.
Degree Project
Relying on technical training platform to support Chinese and overseas colleges and universities carrying out cooperation in credit transfer and degree project:2+2 double degree, 3+2 diploma to bachelor degree, 4+1/2 combined bachelor/master degree, and 1+1 master degree.
Bidirectional Cooperation in Running Schools
Chinese advantageous major going global, establishing new majors and achieving joint talent cultivation through overseas JingShi Institute.
Introducing preponderant majors of overseas colleges and universities, carrying out major cooperation in China and achieving joint talent cultivation.
Overseas Students’ Education
Chinese colleges and universities introduce overseas students, Chinese students study aboard.
Course Co-construction
Overseas and Chinese Colleges & universities Jointly design major courses , share teaching resources, and exchange teachers with enterprises.
Joint Research and Innovation
Relying on overseas practical training bases and major cooperation to carry out joint research and innovation projects.
Short-term Study Camp and Internships
Mutually send students to participate short-term study camps and internship activities.